Brett Cairns

CEO, Magellan Financial Group

Mr Cairns is CEO of Magellan Financial Group Ltd, an ASX listed company with funds under management of $87 billion and a market capitalisation of $10 billion. Before joining Magellan in 2007, Brett was co-head of the capital markets group within structured finance at Babcock & Brown and prior to that he was head of debt capital markets for Merrill Lynch in Australia. Using his expertise in structuring new products, Brett developed the first active ETFs to be listed on a major exchange, when Magellan launched it’s first listed ETF in 2015 (ASX: MGE).

My Sessions

Understanding the ETF Landscape


Passive (index tracking) ETFs dominate the global landscape and Graham Tuckwell will explain how the market has developed globally and the likely developments in Australia. Active (discretionary) ETFs are a recent development, first issued in Australia by Magellan, but will soon be launched in the USA and could attract huge inflows. Brett Cairns will explain […]

The ETF, Industry and Political Landscape

Implications for the future of Australians’ Savings


Session will be televised live on Sky Business. Government policy impacts the way Australians save for their future and the tax rules and detailed regulations drive investment behavior and costs. Peter Costello will give his personal views on why we have arrived at where we are, what we could have done better and where he […]

The Practical Outcomes